Monday, February 14, 2011


Review: Kaboom
4.5 stars (out of 5)
By R. Kurt Osenlund

The moment the flawless face of primed-to-explode star Thomas Dekker appears in the opening shot of “Kaboom,” you're given a good sense of what you're about to receive from the Gregg Araki genre-bender. Dekker is naked, his lips and eyes are as pink and blue as cotton candy, he's dreaming, and he's drifting down an ethereal path toward absurd, befuddling and possibly meaningless ends. That's “Kaboom” for you: a candy-colored, apocalyptic sex noir that deals in the subconscious and the supernatural as it barrels through a mystery that may well have no significance beyond its surrounding pleasures. Named, one should think, for the common result of hitting a g-spot or a doomsday button, “Kaboom” is a sprightly, slightly nihilistic grab bag of indulgences sprung directly from Araki's id. Bold and berserk, yet exuberant and cohesive, it shows that Araki not only has balls, but also some killer juggling skills.

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